One of the key factors which play a part in any cycling time trial or triathlon is ensuring that the equipment you choose is optimised for speed. Part of this decision involves choosing bike wheels and tyres which are as fast and aerodynamic as possible as this will help you achieve maximum efficiency for the effort you put in to your event.

Recently many excellent online resources have appeared which evaluate various bike wheels and tyres, including looking at things like the rolling resistance and how aerodynamic this equipment is. One of these resources is Tom Anhalt’s Blather ’bout Bikes blog – in the latest Cycling Time Trials podcast from Mark Florence, Tom discusses the latest bicycle tyres from manufactures including Continental, Specialized, Schwalbe and Vittoria.

The information he shares is invaluable and can help you make an easy and relatively inexpensive change to your TT/triathlon setup which could help you achieve your next PB!