It remains a topic of conversation in our everyday lives, and it likely will for the foreseeable future, but COVID-19 and Lockdown has had some really positive effects on people’s lives and lifestyles. One such positive has been the amount of time people have had to think about their health and fitness, and to start taking their training more seriously – something that has led to a real increase in the number of people enquiring about coaching.

Cycling Weekly recently got in touch to discuss the topic as part of a feature on Why summer 2020 could be the perfect time to start a cycling training plan, speaking to Head Coach Kevin about the increase in enquiries and interest in coaching, and the reasons behind it.harm. But having the drive of your coach in your ear to remind you of why the hardest days pay off the most is motivation that you won’t be able to replicate on your own.

When discussing the reasons why Kevin thought there’d been an increase in interest in cycling coaching, Kevin said: “We started to see more and more enquiries from novice or inexperienced riders looking for guidance as well as experienced riders who were looking for support and direction with their training.

“I think many people felt isolated with no bunch rides allowed so they were not getting a dose of their quality training. The weather was generally good and people were keen to train outside after mainly being indoors on Zwift all winter. With it being lockdown, it was also quickly apparent that people had more time to train as they weren’t wasting time commuting.”

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With both the domestic cycling and triathlon race calendars, or at least what’s left of them, on the verge of getting underway again around the UK, there’s both short-term and longer-term targets to be building towards, with 2020 races forming a stepping stone to 2021 and beyond. And with everyone’s working lifestyles changing for the better, with less time commuting to and from the office a likely permanent lifestyle change, people have more time for structured training. There’s no time like the present to get a cycling or triathlon coach – if you’re interested to find out more, get in touch today.