Ryan Ford

By Kevin Henderson, November 2, 2021


From the moment I stepped into the world of triathlon, Kevin was there, displaying an unwavering commitment and dedication that simply cannot be overstated.

His 24/7 availability, be it via text or call, is a testament to his sincere investment in each of his clients journey.

Coming into the sport, I was a complete novice. Yet Kevin’s expert advice and patient mentorship proved invaluable. From the initial stages of choosing my first bike, to meticulously refining my training regime, he equipped me with the tools and knowledge I needed to get from my first sprint triathlon to a half ironman and in 5 more weeks a full ironman. All in times I wouldn’t of initially dreamed of.

Whether you’re a novice entering the sport or an experienced athlete looking to level up, I wholeheartedly recommend Kevin. His top-notch coaching caters to all levels, meeting you where you are and elevating you to where you want to be. With Kevin, you’re not just training for a race – you’re embarking on a transformative journey, and there’s no one better to guide you through it.

Thank you, Kevin.