Heloise Brown

By Kevin Henderson, August 17, 2023


I have been working with Blackzone Coaching since the start of Lockdown in 2020 and he has revolutionised my training and lifestyle. I have never been more consistent and motivated to train than I have when working with Kevin. Sessions are well tailored to the intensity and variance I need and he is so supportive as a coach when sessions might not go as well as I wanted or expected.

As a final year Sports and Exercise student myself I adore the data training/racing produces and learning how the body adapts to training demands.  Kevin’s scientific approach to programming is really interesting to me and gives a helpful practical insight when I work on the theory in my degree. It is really motivating to see all the exponential progress, after over a year of work.

The biggest achievement we have achieved is coming 5th in my age group qualifiers for Olympic distance and taking 35mins off my previous best time. I’m excited to see the progress next year holds!