James Smith

By Kevin Henderson, July 23, 2021


My success so far in just under a year of coaching with Kevin have included 1st Place 30-34 age group Scottish Sprint Triathlon championships 2021, and a successful campaign to get my qualification spot for the AG Ironman World Championships in Kona 2021, by finishing 26th Overall at the IMUK event in a time of 10:24:36.

This was the primary focus of my training and I gave myself 5 years in which to get there, so to achieve this so quickly is testament to the approach Kevin puts into my training plan. The approach is a perfect balance of the hard work, consistency, and importantly allowing sufficient time to recover to absorb the training loads, something I personally overlooked for years.

Kevin’s coaching plan are very specific to my race goals and perfectly periodised for me to be at my best for all my priority races throughout the year. I am now looking forward to the beaches of Hawaii as I step up my focus to what’s ahead.