Samantha Maher

By Kevin Henderson, January 12, 2020


Sprint Duathlon European Championships 2019

Result – Gold Age Group 30-34 and 3rd Overall

I was looking for a coach as I knew cycling was my weak point and I was lacking structure in my general training. I had qualified for the Sprint Duathlon European Championships and when I went to Kev my goal was clear – to win at the European Championships the following year. Kev always believed in me and was supportive yet still pushed my limits. I have struggled with injury niggles, so Kev also built specific gym workouts to address my weaknesses and as a result, I have never been as strong. Within seven months of training, he had taken 37 minutes off my bike 70.3 time and as promised, I won the gold at the Europeans! I have no doubt that I wouldn’t have achieved these results without him.