It’s a good day to be a triathlon coach! We’ve seen a massive improvement for a Blackzone athlete who is a member of Glasgow Triathlon Club. Working with a previous coach his FTP was only just over 200w. Now he’s sitting at 250watts after 3 months of training with us and he’s only doing a lockdown maintenance programme.

Also, similar improvements in his running have come his way. All eyes are on his next Ironman at the end of the year, circumstances permitting, where he’s looking to improve on his last attempt. There’s plenty of time still to go but the early signs are very promising.

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Blackzone athletes receive meticulously tailored Triathlon and Cycling training plans which are personally customised and reviewed on a weekly basis. We use Training Peaks which is a long established program developed and supported by worldwide leading coaches. Head Coach Kevin is now an ambassador for Training Peaks who have recognised his expertise through his use of the system.

Our basic triathlon coaching plans start from £100 per month for a basic package, with a more in-depth programme at £220 per month which includes additional advanced data analytics using the intelligent WK04 software from Training Peaks. Get in touch today to find out more about starting a coaching plan with us.